Setting the Course

After years in cutting edge cable TV production, Tricia dove from her cubicle to free the creative captain that had long stirred within her. The seasoned partners at DOG EAR DESIGN invited her to help manage their studio with her hard-won, top-notch administrative skills. There she got a treasure of training from Ross and Ken in the print graphics business on the job, while taking courses at trade school in design theory.

Before long she climbed aboard Dog Ear full time and might never have left, ‘cept her baby girl came along. At the helm of her new Mac with a new baby crawling at her feet, Tricia was able to get her own rugged design vessel sailing. Her home studio collaborated with Carla at STUDIO C to handle the tremendous bounty of book, program and directory work that Carla’s excellent right brain/left brain synthesis continues to bring in. Tom at CITY PUBLISHING found her when he asked her good friend with a small business, who did that brochure for you? A nine-year collaboration on high quality direct mail advertising has ensued ever since.

Tricia says, “I couldn’t leave GAL GRAPHICS now, it is the biggest part of who I am along with being Mama and co-captain of this family. Sure – I thought once my child was settled in grade school I might be back at some 9-to-5 post somewhere. But once you master your own ship you grow accustomed to the fresh sea air and long view, ever enticing you to stay in the creative flow.”

Check out the portfolio and then let GAL GRAPHICS take care of all your document needs, concept to delivery. Tricia will bring fresh perspective, professional quality and speedy delivery to all your publishing projects, and service with enthusiasm you need to ride those killer business waves.

Tricia got a regular onsite gig doing Creative Services at the SIGNAL MULTIMEDIA news org in 2013, right after baby turned ten.

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